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Texts and Documents: China. History Department. Hanover College. Many are primary sources. Not all links are active--many of them are not, but ones that work are useful. Note: items are in Chinese. Silkroad Foundation.

The Medieval Islamicate World: Crash Course History of Science #7

Chinese Rubbings Collection. Harvard Library. A number of the regions of India have posted information about their history online. Include below are a few examples of these, along with other types of sources. History of India. I Love India. History of the country, grouped by periods within longer time frames.

Ancient to modern. South and Southeast Asia. Overview with links to pages that give descriptions of different eras. History of Indian Census. Census of India. Indian History: Ancient History.

Culture of Asia

National Portal of India india. Overview of India's history in three sections. Royal History of Cooch Behar. Cooch Behar. History of Dejeerling. Dejeerling, India. Ivan Sache. Ergun Kaptan.

The Middle East and Muslim Southeast Asia: Implications of the Arab Spring

Mineral Research and Exploration Institute of Turkey. Article about Turkey history via mining techniques. Turkish History in the Islamic Period. Turkey and Europe: A Historical Perspective.

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Starts in BC to the late s. The Walls of Nicaea. Roberto Piperno. Ancient Ephesus. Lance Jenott. Silk Road Seattle. University of Washington History of the city. Images of coins, buildings what is left of them , etc. The Turkish Irruption.

A History of Medieval Islam. Routledge, London, chpt. Turkish Empire. Catholic Encyclopedia. The History of Turkish Postal Stamps. History of postage stamps in Turkey from The Ottoman Empire. Extensive annotated book bibliography link is to bookseller's Web site. Many advertisements, including pop-behind.


Steppe Nomads and Central Asia. History with chronology from approximately to See, for example, The Mongol Empire. Genghis Khan and the Mongols. Frank E. Macrohistory and World History. Overview of the period with information about people and the interactions often battles with neighboring areas. List of recommended books. The Mongols in World History. Morris Rossabi. Asian Topics in World History.

Columbia University. Information about Chinggis Genghis Khan--link from this page to separate pages for additional information about him.

Image gallery. Empire of Genghis Khan, Maps, etc. Medieval Middle East History. Roman Republic.

Eastern world - Wikipedia

Early Modern European History. Content: Naomi Lederer. Connect with library staff via chat, email, phone or text. Skip to content. History This page has information and links to information related to history. See Biographical Research for history of individual people. China and Japan.

Cultures and Costumes: Symbols of Their Period. GT H26 Reference Chronicle of the Chinese Emperors. DS C63 Reference Cultural Atlas of India. J6 Reference Cultural Atlas of Japan. C62 Reference Dictionary of Oriental Literatures. H5 Reference Encyclopedia of Asian History. E53 Reference Encyclopedia of Asian Philosophy. E53 Reference Encyclopedia of China. P47 Reference Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion. A88 Reference Encyclopedia of Philosophy. E53 Reference Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion. BL P7 E53 Reference Encyclopedia of Religion. E46 Reference Encyclopedia of World Costume.

L63 Reference India and Sri Lanka. K55 Reference Information China. J Reference Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan. JF Scattered vols. N D37 Morgan Sources of Indian Tradition. D33 Morgan Sources of Japanese Tradition. S68 Morgan Sources of Korean Tradition.