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Thank God for the return of the astronauts. Thank you. Sigurd Arnold Sjoberg was born on September 2, , in Minneapolis. His father and mother had immigrated from Sweden and were married in Minnesota; shortly after their arrival, his father, John Anderson, decided there were too many Andersons around and changed the family name to Sjoberg. He was a senior there when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

Project Mercury Facts: 1963 NASA Documentary Space Task Group CDA - The Best Documentary Ever

His interests, particularly in the fields of aerodynamic stability and control and automatic stabilization, were put to very good use in the war years evaluating numerous military aircraft. His research and numerous technical reports earned him wide recognition as an expert in the field of aircraft handling qualities.

Their best man was Jack Paulson, who also became a renowned engineer at. Sig and Betty had three sons: Eric S. With his experience and renown, Sig was chosen to travel to France in the autumn of to evaluate several North Atlantic Treaty Organization European-built fighter aircraft. The Mercury Project was announced that same year. Gilruth brought Chris Kraft and Max Faget into the task group; later, all of them would be elected to the National Academy of Engineering.

I was taken immediately by his friendliness and sincerity. Just talking to him brought a smile, but as I listened to him I saw a depth, a passion, that frequently broke the surface like a trout taking to a fly.

The Birth Of Nasa The Work Of The Space Task Group Americas First True Space Pioneers 2016

Sig became the operations coordinator of the flight operations division and assistant to the chief of flight operations, his NACA friend of many years, Chris Kraft. Sig took on the challenge of integrating. Sig and the Space Task Group team were inventing mission operations as they went, providing invaluable wisdom for what would come in the years ahead. On May 25, , President John F. I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to Earth.

At the time of the speech, the Soviet Union had already flown Yuri Gagarin in earth orbit, while the fledgling NASA had struggled to keep up by launching Alan Shepard on his minute suborbital flight.

Floored or not, the torrid pace picked up. The two-man Gemini project followed Mercury and was a crucial stepping stone in the development of rendezvous and docking knowledge for the Apollo lunar landing effort to follow. Apollo was completed with the 15, 16, and 17 lunar missions. The Skylab space station flew three long-duration missions of 28, 56, and 84 days, and the Apollo Soyuz Test Project, a docking mission with the Soviet Union, plowed new ground in international cooperation, accomplished in the very depths of the Cold War.

He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in , and received an honorary doctor of science degree from DePauw University.

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A special thanks to Betty and Eric Sjoberg for their gracious help. Most of all, I depended on my memories of a great leader who it was my privilege to work for when he was deputy director of JSC. Truly, US Navy ret. This is the 18th Volume in the series Memorial Tributes compiled by the National Academy of Engineering as a personal remembrance of the lives and outstanding achievements of its members and foreign associates.

Sally Ride Biography: First American Woman in Space | Space

These volumes are intended to stand as an enduring record of the many contributions of engineers and engineering to the benefit of humankind. In most cases, the authors of the tributes are contemporaries or colleagues who had personal knowledge of the interests and the engineering accomplishments of the deceased. He artfully analyzes how the growing space program was managed and what techniques enabled it to develop so quickly from an operations perspective. The result is a fascinating window into history, amply backed up by first person documentation and interviews.

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      Space Exploration Free Preview. Based on heavy use of first person interviews and written by an original member of the Space Task Group Offers insight into the climate that led to the creation of the STG and the way management solved problems Puts into context the shock waves that Sputnik produced and explains how the Russian achievements motivated American gains see more benefits.

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