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SAR - Synthetic Aperture Radar Aircraft Pod, EL-M/2060P, by ELTA IAI, Israel Military Technology Exhibition 2008 -34

Create an account Institutional Access:. The alert successfully saved. The alert did not successfully save. Please try again later. Lei Zhang, Cheng-Wei Qiu, Mengdao Xing, Zheng Bao, "Azimuth preprocessing for monostatic and bistatic spotlight synthetic aperture radar maging based on spectral analysis convolution," J. For example, in the mids, Dr. Jakowatz and his team developed a system to rapidly create images in near real time and in three dimensions over large expanses of land through processing of controlled pairs of images that can be created at great distances and in any weather.

Using high-speed computers to create computer visualizations—with accuracies better than 1 foot—provides images of great clarity. These efforts enable new possibilities for earthquake predictions and warnings by precise monitoring of ground fault slippages over great distances. The 3D nature of these processed images has given birth to very accurate topographical maps, taken from aircraft or satellites, that.

This technology also holds great promise to predict impending floods or to detect the groundswell precursors that often precede volcanic activity. Massive databases—generated in a similar manner—have enabled unique change detection methods that can be employed over wide areas. These are useful to spot and follow events over time and highlight even minute details—of small or large changes—between successive images, to monitor suspected but prohibited activities for proliferation prevention, to monitor border areas between combat troops, and to generally assess the damage resulting from either military hostilities or adverse natural events.

In Dr.

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  • Jakowatz was awarded an E. I see this as an award for my many Sandia colleagues who together have done a tremendous amount of good work. In a patent was issued to Dr. Jakowatz and two of his colleagues for the invention of the SAR autofocusing technique. Called the phase gradient autofocus, it is a very compelling advance. From through he served as an adjunct professor in the College of Engineering at the.


    University of New Mexico, where he taught both graduate and undergraduate courses. And as the power and importance of the new SAR technologies grew and became recognized in the defense and security communities, Jack was tireless as he traveled the nation to teach short courses to government and industrial entities. An unexpected but singular accomplishment came when Dr. Jakowatz and his team were granted permission to write and publish a book on many of their important unclassified accomplishments.

    Wahl, Paul H. Eichel, Dennis C. Ghiglia, and Paul A. Thompson; Springer, This important book was quickly published in both hardback and paperback, and soon entered its second printing. It has been cited times in books and technical papers.

    How SAR Works – Bright Spark Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery

    He was born on March 5, , in Urbana, Illinois, where his father was completing his PhD in electrical engineering at the University of Illinois. Jack then spent his early years in Schenectady, New York, with the family moving to Kansas when his father became dean of engineering at Wichita State University. His doctoral research work—still cited today—addressed issues of improving images obtained by computerized axial tomography CAT scans using either x-rays or ultrasound. Jack began work on national security issues immediately on his arrival at the Sandia National Laboratories in Jack then started building the very powerful research and development team that he led and mentored until his retirement in Jack and his wife thrived in Albuquerque and had two daughters.

    How SAR Works

    Jack found time in his busy life to engage in. In Jack achieved the highest award that can come to a US engineer when he was elected to membership in the National Academy of Engineering. As incredibly accomplished as Jack was in his professional life, his daughters Amy and Courtney would argue that he was perhaps an even more accomplished father. His dedication to his family was unwavering.

    here He never missed a single swim meet or cross country event. He ever was and ever will be cheering for them in all aspects of their lives. Jack would often say that he loved his daughters and his wife of 43 years, Carol, more than his own life. How should we best remember Jack Jakowatz? Engineering affords a chance for people to do that.

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    This is the 20th Volume in the series Memorial Tributes compiled by the National Academy of Engineering as a personal remembrance of the lives and outstanding achievements of its members and foreign associates.