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Not sure what to cook?

They are all perfect choices for quick and easy dinner meals.

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Beef And Cauliflower Soup:. The first healthy and delicious Vietnamese dinner dishes I would like to introduce in this article is the beef and cauliflower soup. This tasty, nutritious, yet fast and simple to cook is perfect for you and your family to enjoy in cold winter days. Clam Porridge:. This is a delicious, healthy, yet super simple to cook as everyone can make it without spending too much time. People do not need any experience before to cook this dish well. For the coming cold winter days, it will be great if you and your family have chance to gather together around a hot pot of clam porridge.

It can also detox the body, push toxins and residues out of the body and help to our skin effectively. The squash fried with shrimp and pork dish is a simple to make yet very delicious and healthy dinner dish in Vietnam which you should try! Round scad provides a lot of essential nutrients; especially, vitamin A.

Round scad fried with tomato sauce is very delicious and nutritious yet takes not much money, and it is also very good for our digestive system. This is a perfect choice for you whenever you want quick and easy dinner meals. Pork Loin Grilled With Garlic:.

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In Vietnamese cuisine, pork is one of the most popular ingredients which are used in many delicious dishes. This ingredients in Vietnam are also very cheap to buy, so people should try this dish — the pork loin grilled with garlic — to have quick and easy dinner meals without spending too much time, money, and efforts. Fish is a plentiful and excellent source of nutrients which are very beneficial to human health.

Mackerel is considered one of the best seafood that people should eat in a regular basis.


The fat flavor of butter blended with the slight sourness of passion fruit makes this dish really special. Three-Color Stewed Pork Rib:. Three-color stewed pork rib is a delicious and nutritious dinner dish which can be eaten with rice or bread as well. This is a colorful dish with very soft and fleshy ribs, fragran lotus seeds, peas, and the sweet taste of mushrooms.

Shrimp Steamed With Shiitake Mushroom:. This dish is a perfect choice for quick and easy dinner meals which requires just some simple to find ingredients and easy steps.

Zucchini Fried With Fresh Shrimp:. Zucchini fried with fresh shrimp is such an easy to make yet very delicious Vietnamese dinner dish, providing people with sufficient amount of essential vitamins and minerals. This dish also does not contain too many calories. Therefore, you should regularly make this dish and give your family at night. Chicken Steamed With Salt:. With this cooking method, you will find this dish is much better than boiled chicken.

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The skin is very crunchy with eye-catching yellow color, coming with the fleshy taste and attractive fragrance. Making this dish is also very simple with easy to find ingredients.

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This dish is perfect for a warm dinner as a gathering. Okra is a relatively popular veggie in Vietnam. Okra is crunchy, fresh, and cool. If you add some lemongrass and chilli and fry them with okra, you will have a much more attractive dinner dish. This dish is also very good for the digestive system as long as you use not too much chilli.

Mackerel Pie:. Eating braised, fried mackerel for a long time will make you sick of this fish. Therefore, you should try making this brand new dish for this dinner — mackerel pie. This dish is very simple to make with attractively delicious taste, the chewiness of the mackerel and the fragrance of fennel, scallion, pepper, garlic, and chilli. You can serve this dish with rice or just as a snack. Chicken Braised With White Radish:. Braised chicken is a familiar Vietnamese dish, but it can become strange if you braised chicken with white radish.

This dish is perfect for dinner whenever you need some easy to make dinner ideas. Chicken Fried With Veggies:. This Vietnamese dish is super delicious with the crunchiness and freshness of veggies and the softness and fleshiness of chicken.

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Chicken fried with veggies is also very simple to make with available ingredients and some easy cooking steps. It is perfect for your dinner tonight. Braised round scad or you can even fry the round scads after braising them is perfect to be served with rice thanks to the natural freshness of the round scad.

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