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We will announce when we have a new date. We apologize for any inconvenience. The ties between women can run as deep as the ocean-but so can the secrets. For 20 years, Kayla, Antoinette and Val have performed their own special summer ritual. Once a year, the old friends put aside their daily, separate lives to drink champagne, swap stories and swim naked under the Nantucket stars. She lives with her husband, Chip Cunningham, and their two sons in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Our Privacy Notice has been updated to explain how we use cookies, which you accept by continuing to use this website. To withdraw your consent, see Your Choices. Martin's Paperbacks. Martin's Paperbacks St. The ties between women can run as deep as the ocean-but so can the secrets. I am way too frustrated right now to even think of reading another one View all 23 comments. Dec 06, Kimberly Patterson rated it did not like it.

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I would say that I hate this book, but that would give this story credit for invoking too strong of an emotion. The back cover of the book was intriguing, but it stops there. The three main characters had the potential to be very interesting but instead, Kayla is a self pitying whiner, Val is nothing but a cold selfish bitch, Antoinette who had the most potential was a closed empty shell, and all three are pathetic. I find it impossible that three "friends" would ever commit the actions in thi I would say that I hate this book, but that would give this story credit for invoking too strong of an emotion.

I find it impossible that three "friends" would ever commit the actions in this book, and I'm usually very good at suspending reality in order to delve into a good book. I couldn't do it with this one. Their actions and behavior are more on scale with spoiled toddlers that educated intelligent women. And if this weren't bad enough, the ending if you can call it that is so far beyond what any sane woman would do that it is rediculous. I don't need a perfectly wrapped up ending with every last little detail explained because in a well written book you know the characters well enough to draw fairly accurate conclusions.

Not so with this one. I don't want to give anything away on the off chance that someone still reads this book after reading my review, but I don't have even the beginning of an idea as to what happened to any of the characters after the abrupt ending. I was given two more of the author's books so I may give her another chance, but at this point all I can say is that I want my wasted hours back that were spent reading this awful book. Kayla, Val, and Antoinette are best friends living on Nantucket. They have formed a bond-a secret society Divine Secrets of Ya-Ya is what it reminded me of..

These secrets must never leave any of the three women. On their 20th anniversary of the Night Swimmers, Antoinette swims out and never returns. Then on a small island like Nantucket the rumors fly. Did they kill her? Drug her and drown her? Or did she simply leave on her own? Each woman had a secret that night to share-each one that could devastate the others.

I wanted more at the end.. I wanted to see where it would lead in the future for them all. Really enjoyed this novel. Would recommend it to all and really the next time I read a Hilderbrand book I need to be at a beach!

ISBN 13: 9781429943383

So far, meh. Fine for a library book, but she seems pretty formulaic, even for chick lit. We'll see though. Finished it, and I still agree with all of the above plus: - a hurried, impractical ending that didn't really make sense with the characters' established personalities. Nov 30, Jennefer rated it liked it. Which led me to Nantucket Nights and just like her others this book did not disappoint. Despite having fewer characters, fewer pages, and fewer parallel stories, this book was a far more complex book then some of her others.

This novel is an intricately woven story of family, of friendship, and of our perceptions of the truth. It is the story of instincts and judgments, and of identity. The main character is Kayla, who is a complex woman who struggles with insecurity in her marriage, and insecurity with who she is. She identifies herself as a mother, a wife, and a friend until the story unravels and all of that comes into question.

This is also the story of three unlike women who, for twenty years, get together one night of Labor Day weekend for a ritualistic midnight swim, truth telling and end of summer celebratory night. Well, on the twentieth anniversary of this night the unspeakable happens and their friendship -- amongst so many other things -- becomes unraveled when one of the women disappears just before sharing a dark secret.

As Kayla searches for the truth about that secret, she begins to learn things about her friends and her family that she never would have imagined. As the pages turn towards the end, the reader is drawn in and Kayla learns so much about perception versus reality.

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She learns about herself, her family and who she has to be in order to render the strength to move on. This book is very good. I read it in 2 days which is great for me. I still have 3 or 4 novels by Hilderbrand to read and I cannot wait to read more by this talented author. If you want a fast but intelligent and interesting read that delves into the human psyche and relationships, pick up one of her books.

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You will be captivated! Happy reading my friends! Jul 17, Kelly Lamb rated it liked it Shelves: fiction , chick-lit. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Nantucket nights

To view it, click here. I was all set to give this book 4 stars, until the ending. I was soooo frustrated by it!! Let me get this straight Not in my world, lady. BEFORE the ending, I was really engaged--the plot moves along at a quick clip, and leaves you wanting more everytime you put it down.


But that ending, man This was m I was all set to give this book 4 stars, until the ending. This was my first Hilderbrand novel, and I'd be willing to try another one, as long as the characters can grow a pair once in a while! View 1 comment. Feb 16, Marleen rated it did not like it Shelves: elin-hilderbrand. My heart went out most for Theo, who truly was just an innocent and young! I liked the chapters when Theo expressed himself on the page.

Not his erratic behaviour for awhile there destroying his Mom's garden was rather unforgivable but then again his 'friend' Antoinette had poisoned his head , but afterwards his thoughts on how he perceived his love for A. Jul 02, Cindy rated it it was ok Shelves: read. I see that all my friends really liked this book. I must be the odd one! Some of the things that happened in this book I thought were totally off kilter and not something I could imagine the characters, as Hilderbrand portrayed them, doing.

I have loved the other books I've read by this author; I gave them all 4 stars! If you're trying to decide which one of her books to start out with, my suggestion would be not to start with this one.

I recommend "The Blue Bistro"; now that was a really good b I see that all my friends really liked this book. I recommend "The Blue Bistro"; now that was a really good book!! Sep 18, Shannon Bradley rated it it was amazing. This book had me constantly wondering and guessing. Still not sure how I felt about the ending though. Jun 05, Melissa rated it liked it.

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I was really enjoying this book until I got to the end. The ending was a huge disappointment. Apr 28, Diane rated it liked it. This book is based on the friendship of three women; Kayla, Val and Antoinette.

Nantucket Nights: A Novel