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Work Environment

They also conduct the subsequently required inspections and follow-up. Fire inspectors also perform as investigators. They conduct investigations to determine the cause-and-origin of fires. Other agencies are sometimes called upon for assistance, e. Fire Rescue Pages. Apply for Open Positions. The requirement is as follows: All High-Rise buildings 75 Feet or Greater must be protected throughout by an approved, supervised automatic sprinkler system no later than December 31, An automatic sprinkler system shall not be required where every dwelling unit has exterior exit access.

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Exit access shall be permitted to be by means of any exterior balcony, porch, gallery, or roof that conforms to the requirements of NFPA. The long side of the balcony, porch, gallery, or similar space shall be at least 50 percent open and shall be arranged to restrict the accumulation of smoke.

An automatic sprinkler system shall not be required in buildings having an approved, engineered life safety system. This engineered life safety system must be designed by a professional engineer the specializes in fire and life safety design..

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How do I make a request to have someone from the fire department visit my home for fire safety concerns? Fire Investigation Fire inspectors also perform as investigators. Report an Issue. The firefighters at this station often know when a fire is occurring before the alarms go off. Why is that? Because they have a firefighter ghost on their side.

Firefighters Battle Intense House Fire In Long Beach

He is the spirit of Woodard Bloxom , a fire captain who died in battling a warehouse fire across the street. Often unexplainable events occur right before the dispatch center calls and they believe Bloxom is trying to alert them. The warning signs include the bay door opening or the lights suddenly turning on.

Besides the early warnings, the firefighters often feel cold spots and sometimes furniture is found scattered about. One firefighter even witnessed the water fountain go on, with the knob itself turning on its own.

Police and Fire Museums in Los Angeles

At night, the toilet flushes despite everyone being in their beds. It seems as though the fire captain never felt he completed his duty at the station, and will be haunting the place for a long time. Head over to Fire Station No. They have a bed upstairs that everyone avoids.

You can expect a restless night if you choose to sleep in the bed because it shakes at night. And if the occupant manages to get some shuteye through the shaking, then they may awaken to find their covers being tugged. One firefighter managed to sleep on the bed for a period of four months but gave up after sleep problems and a mysterious cough that plagued him. After switching beds, all his problems went away. Karla Martinez had a strange experience in the bed across from the shaking bed. She felt as though a strange presence was looming over her.

When she closed her eyes, it felt as if something was being thrown over her. However, when she opened her eyes, there was nothing there. She now sleeps on the couch in the TV room. Like many old fire stations, Fire Station No. Lights would spontaneously go on and off. Belongings would be thrown off of end tables.

Police and Fire Museums in Los Angeles

They even saw a mysterious face on the reflection of their TV screen. One firefighter, who was working on a report, spotted someone peering through the window and thought someone broke in. Nobody could be found. One curious firefighter did some investigating and found that a year-old firefighter by the name of Robert Knight died 11 days into the job in He was called to a fire, but when he stepped off the truck into a puddle, he was electrocuted by a downed power line.

Resident of Long Beach care facility held in fatal shooting of firefighter

Could he be behind these strange occurrences? To spook the probie, a firefighter spoke about the haunting. Soon afterward, the fan turned on, along with all the lights. It seems like Robert enjoys a good laugh as well. Especially when you live on the grounds of a demolished mausoleum that once housed people. The city managed to relocate their bodies to a nearby cemetery, but it seems their spirits still remain.

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The crew of Engine House 35 nicknamed it the Crypt House, a very fitting name for a building that is now the new residence of the dead. Unexplainable things occur often here.

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Pots filled with popcorn fly off the stove and lights go unplugged, leaving firefighters in the dark. When taking a shower, the water often turns cold. The mausoleum once housed three victims of the Titanic. One of the more frightful occasions happened to Mike Lopez, who slept in the basement due to his snoring. One night he was unable to move because someone seemed to be pressing down on him. He summoned all his strength to push back, and as he did his blanket flew off. He now sleeps with a light on. It is thought that John never could leave the place where he spent much of his life.

He is described as a lighthearted ghost, always up for a good prank, such as moving objects off of shelves. He is also willing to help his fellow firefighters when they lose items. One firefighter had been looking for a jacket and asked John if he could help. After returning from the shower, the firefighter found his jacket lying on the bench in the middle of the room, neatly folded. But is John the only inhabitant of the firehouse?

Sometimes at night, firefighters would wake up at 3 a. People have claimed to see both a white and a gray entity walk through the walls. Whoever the ghost s are, the crew has since moved to a new station. But who knows, maybe the paranormal will relocate as well. More FireRescue1 Articles.

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