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In this work, we address this problem by focusing on two areas. First, we revisit FPGA logic synthesis and attempt to improve its scalability.

The major challenge is abstracting the complexity of FPGAs

Specifically, we look at a binary decision diagram BDD based logic synthesis flow, referred to as FBDD, where we improve its runtime by several fold with a marginal impact to the resulting circuit area. We do so by speeding up the classical cut generation problem by an order-of-magnitude which enables its application directly at the logic synthesis level. By using partitioning we can significantly reduce the solution space of the logic synthesis problem and, furthermore, open up the possibility of parallelizing the logic synthesis step.

ECOs are incremental modifications to a design late in the design flow. This is beneficial since it is minimally disruptive to the existing circuit which preserves much of the engineering effort invested previously in the design. Short turnaround has become critical in the design of electronic systems.

  1. Logic Synthesis for Field-Programmable Gate Arrays.
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  4. Logic Synthesis for FPGA Reliability?

Software- programmable components such as microprocessors and digital signal processors have been used extensively in such systems since they allow rapid design revisions. However, the inherent performance limitations of software-programmable systems mean that they are inadequate for high-performance designs.

What is an FPGA? Intro for Beginners

Designers thus turned to gate arrays as a solution. User-programmable gate arrays field-programmable gate arrays, FPGAs have recently emerged and are changing the way electronic systems are designed and implemented. The growing complexity of the logic circuits that can be packed onto an FPGA chip means that it has become important to have automatic synthesis tools that implement logic functions on these architectures.

Logic Synthesis for Field-Programmable Gate Arrays describes logic synthesis for both look-up table LUT and multiplexor-based architectures, with a balanced presentation of existing techniques together with algorithms and the system developed by the authors.