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Goebbels that he denounced it on the front page of every newspaper in Germany and over the entire German radio network. Time magazine was said to have called the theme of this book "a sensational idea". Both the book's back cover and an article by Irving quote this portion of the Time article. The reason for this is obvious: both Liberty Bell and Irving are attempting to give the impression that a significant American media outlet was endorsing Kaufman's idea.

However, not surprisingly, the quote is taken out of context.

Germany Must Perish

Time analogized Kaufman's idea to that of an early 18th century writer, Dean Swift, who proposed that Ireland cure its economic ills by selling "its starving children as dressed meat. Kaufman is subjected to ridicule and compared to Nazi Jew - baiter and publisher Julius Streicher. Kaufman's book is stated to be "[s]trictly a one man job" and he informed Time that he did not have any organization or backers. He had done all of the legwork in promoting the book. However, the most significant part of the Time article deals with Kaufman's first sterilization plan.

In he advocated sterilizing "Americans so that their children might not become homicidal monsters. In step with the times, Sterilizer Kaufman had simply transferred his basic idea to the enemy.

Germany Must Perish!

The so called endorsement from the New York Times is non-existent. However, the New York Times only discusses Kaufman twice in and neither article speaks favorably of the book. Using the methodology of Liberty Bell and Irving one could argue that Irving endorsed the book because he calls it "extraordinary.

Hebden has returned from his brief hiatus. If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't. In , the famous Jewish trial lawyer Louis Nizer wrote a book entitled "What To Do With Germany" which, among other things, advocated extermination by sterilization of the German people. This book is available on line and off line, but I am as yet unable to find any other information about it.

Apparently Kauffman was not the only Jewish luminary with a morbid interest in sterilization. Schmitt of the University of Chicago, who advocated the eradication of millions of Germans. Professor Bernadotte E. Schmitt The good professor hated Germany James J. Martin wrote: It is possible to argue that, after all, the massacres of civilians in Germany and Japan did not approach by a wide mark n what civilian propagandists had called for as a proper fate for these lands. Bernadotte E. Schmitt, professor of modern history at the University of Chicago, in a speech before the twenty-first annual meeting of the National Council for the Social Studies in Indianapolis on December 1, , before the United States was even an official belligerent, advocated, among other things, for Germany, a reduction of its population by thirty million, method of disposal unspecified but starvation indicated, since he also recommended the country's reduction and confinement to a strictly agricultural economy.

However, he did not disclose how many Russian communists were too many Russian communists for Europe's welfare and stability. Few Germanophobes subsequently approached Schmitt's standard, though a few months before, it was exceeded by one Theodore Newman Kaufman, who published a book Germany Must Perish!

The world has learned that regardless of what leader or class rules Germany, war will be waged against it by that country, because the force which compels it to action is an inseparable part of the mass-soul of that nation. To deal with the response that one cannot hold babies and old women responsible for German war lust, Kaufman performs some genuine calculations:.

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Are those 15,, Germans so valuable, so indispensable to mankind, that ,, guiltless men, women and children shall fight a war with Germany every time she so decrees? Shall perpetual struggle against Germany be the only future facing civilized peoples? Why breed children while Germany breeds war? Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help.

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Not Now. Related Pages. It is, in every literal sense, a savage and pagan religion which incites its worshippers first to a barbaric frenzy and then prompts them to vent their animal ferocity in the practice of every horrible, ruthless and unmentionable atrocity upon innocent men, women and children.

Such are the true Germanic virtues! And the world will feel their sting so long as they continue to tolerate Germany and her peoples on the earth, for those Germanic traits are the same as those which, emanating from the German soul, animated the Germanic tribes of yore. We have but to examine the development of those tribes to perceive just to what extent within the German soul, the German ideal of world conquest and dominion really lies.

The German slave-holding tribes were noted for their unnaturally passionate love of war and destruction. Seeck, a noted German historian, writes with pride that the Germans of ancient days were notorious for their villainy and treachery and "their faithlessness became almost proverbial with the Romans," note 5 who found that the Germans were adept at breaking a pact or a peace whenever it best suited them to so do.

Lamprecht, another German historian, recounts that even among themselves the Germans held no pledge valid! Those ancient Germanic tribes, like the peoples of modern Germany, were unable to assimilate and accept the humane ideals, civilized aims and social aspirations of their neighbors as constituting the desirable, natural goal of life.

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We can understand, therefore, why to a German peace is not an objective but merely an interlude to be used by him to prepare for a war in which he can assuage the thirst for mass murder which burns in his soul. The German has absolutely no regard for life; there is no such expression in his language as "sacredness of human life. It would be impossible, even between the covers of a thousand volumes, to list and describe the demonic brutalities practiced by the Germans upon innocent peoples, and though records of the last war are replete with numerous actual incidents illustrating the innate cruelty and viciousness of the Germans we have but to refer to one recent occurrence, the sinking of the British vessel "Lancastria" to realize just how and why the German earns his reputation for such cruelty and viciousness.

For assuredly, after sinking a vessel, the aviators of no other Western nation would have deliberately and cold-bloodedly dropped incendiary bombs on the oil-covered waters which surrounded the ship in order to roast alive the desperate women and children struggling below. But the German aviators did not hesitate to do so; it must have been with a perverted gleam in their mad eye that they boiled those women and children alive in oil! This from a "modern" and self-styled "cultured" nation! A nation whose press heralded such cannibalism as an illustrious example of German courage and heroism!

Germanism -- the theory of a master race of Germans destined to enslave a weak world by force and brutality -- had been an unvoiced doctrine of German belief since tribal days until the latter part of the last century when it reached its maturity by becoming fashioned into a vast and well-organized movement. Its astounding and ambitious program amalgamated all the major doctrines and beliefs of such German teachers, writers, statesmen and philosophers as Kant, Nietzsche, Hegel, von Bernhardi, Rohrbach, Treitschke and Spengler.

And because the doctrine which it preached touched upon the very roots of the German soul, and embraced the fundamental tenets of the German intellect, the movement met with immediate and tremendously popular response. In fact its program was so popular with the Germans that within ten years after its inception its malignant dogma was already spread throughout the entire world. In a Dr. Karl Peters convened a General German Congress in Berlin during the course of which all German national associations therein represented were merged into one group, a so-called German League.

Germany Must Perish! - Theodroe Kaufman, J. Palliser - Google книги

The first step of Professor Hasse was to broadcast a widespread plea for help, appealing, as he said, "to the traditions of the German soul. In it changed its name to the Pan-German League note 8 and proceeded to lay down an entire program of action relative to world-conquest and domination by Germany.

The Secret Jews of Berlin (World War 2 Documentary) - Timeline

This program of action for achieving such a goal was so replete with details, and its plan of procedure so comprehensive that it was adopted, almost unchanged, by the Nazis. During the interval in which the Pan-German League was organized, a German professor, Heinrich von Treitschke was being hailed throughout Germany as a new prophet. For years he had been spreading the fiery message of Germanism; it was a rabid admixture of war, hate, anti-Christism and destruction. It was the preaching of such doctrines which today has earned for Treitschke the great "honor" of being recognized by the Germans as the apostle of their ideology.

Heinrich von Treitschke was born in Dresden in After graduating from various German universities and spending some time in aimless drifting, he suddenly became consumed with the tortuous idea of a German unity founded by the sword.

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