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Fluid motors normally produce no sparks, which are a source of ignition or explosions in hazardous areas containing flammable gases or vapors. Fluid power systems are susceptible to pressure and flow losses within pipes and control devices. Fluid power systems are equipped with filters and other measures to preserve the cleanliness of the working fluid. Any dirt in the system can cause wear of seals and leakage, or can obstruct control valves and cause erratic operation.

The hydraulic fluid itself is sensitive to temperature and pressure along with being somewhat compressible. These can cause systems to not run properly. If not run properly, cavitation and aeration can occur. Mobile applications of fluid power are widespread. Nearly every self-propelled wheeled vehicle has either hydraulically-operated or pneumatically-operated brakes. Earthmoving equipment such as bulldozers , backhoes and others use powerful hydraulic systems for digging and also for propulsion. A very compact fluid power system is the automatic transmission found in many vehicles, which includes a hydraulic torque converter.

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Fluid power is also used in automated systems, where tools or work pieces are moved or held using fluid power. Variable-flow control valves and position sensors may be included in a servomechanism system for precision machine tools.

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Below is a more detailed list of applications and categories that fluid power is used for:. This circuit works off of synchronization. As a cylinder reaches a certain point another will be activated, either by a hydraulic limit switch valve or by the build-up of pressure in the cylinder. These circuits are used in manufacturing. An example of this would be on an assembly line. As a hydraulic arm is activated to grab an object. It then will reach a point of extension or retraction, where the other cylinder is activated to screw a cap or top onto the object.

Hence the term Synchronizing. In a regenerative circuit, a double acting cylinder is used. We engineer solutions that deliver full machine control — integrating hydraulics and motion control through a central controller. We also offer maintenance training and inventory management solutions. The systems we build are designed to be managed by our customers. And our expert team of engineers is here to work with you — throughout the entire design, installation and implementation process.

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Centrifugal Compressor 1 Inlet casing with converging nozzle:The shape of inlet casing is made such that it formed a converging nozzle. Centrifugal Compressor 5 Diffuser:The purpose of the diffuser is to convert the kinetic energy into static pressure.