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Digital systems: principles and applications

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J Tocci, N. Windmer, G. Moss, Simulation of gates and combinational logic designs Implementation and testing of designs using a suitable version of TTL series ICs. Practical aspects of using logic ICs: data sheets, current and voltage characteristics, timing issues, output types, compatibility, families etc.. Introduction to Microprocessor Systems Overview of computer systems architectures, a simple microprocessor-based system, the stored programme concept. Design of a microprocessor based system Differences between microprocessors and microcontrollers. Brief history of microprocessors and microcontrollers.

It was as tall as the face of wristwatch. In November , another Bell lab team has built a transistor from a single Molecule - small enough to fit about 10 million transistors on the head of a pin. The digital representation is in discrete steps.

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Voltage between 0. Any questions? Good luck and have fun! C A. C Theorems 9 to 13 are similar to ordinary algebra. For Example: Simplify the following expression. Simulate the circuit and produce a complete truth table for this AND gate. This technique enables the mapping of every on of 2n input combinations for "n" variables. Apply rules 4 and 5 if the circuit is restricted to one type of gates only. It basically generates a Sum and a Carry simultaneously whilst adding a pair of one bit numbers.

Adders Multiplexer Simulation exercises using logic converter. Kleitz, W. The memory part is usually implemented with bistable devices. Cascading BCD Counters. Synchronous Counter Design. Shift-Register Counters. Counter Applications: Frequency Counters. Counter Applications: Digital Clock.

Integrated-Circuit Registers. Digital IC Terminology. Other TTL Characteristics. Tristate 3- State TTL.

Digital Systems: Principles and Applications, 6th Edition

Characteristics of MOS Logic. Complementary MOS Logic. IC Interfacing.

Low-Voltage Technology. Liquid Crystal Displays. Multiplexers Data Selectors.

Digital Systems: Principles and Applications by Ronald J. Tocci

Multiplexer Applications. Demultiplexers Data Distributors. More Troubleshooting. Magnitude Comparator. Code Converters. Data Busing.

Data Bus Operation. Interfacing with the Analog World. Digital-to-Analog Conversion. DAC Specifications.


DAC Applications. Troubleshooting DACs. Analog-to-Digital Conversion.

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Digital-Ramp ADC. Data Acquisition. Successive-Approximation ADC. Flash ADCs. Digital Voltmeter. Sample-and-Hold Circuits. Digital Storage Oscilloscope. Memory Terminology. General Memory Operations. CPU-Memory Connections. Read-Only Memories. ROM Architecture. ROM Timing. Types of ROMs.