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This body of literature shows that early nutrition has significant consequences on later health and well-being. View PDF.

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Fetal developmental programing: insights from human studies and experimental models. Entangled lives: Implications of the developmental origins of health and disease hypothesis for bioarchaeology and the life course. Rebecca L.

Developmental Origins of Health and Disease

Type your search terms above and press return to see the search results. Who was David Barker? Why It Matters While we think of malnourished children being born in the developing world, many babies born in the U.

What It Means to Us We want to end chronic disease where it starts. Walk Share articles Share a link to an article on social media. Run Write a letter Write a letter to an elected official stating your support for effective public policy that ensures easy access to fresh whole foods, especially for infants girls and women. Pingback: We have to crawl before we can run - Better the Future Pingback: How birth weight predicts our risk for adult chronic disease - Better the Future. Birth defects are a consequence of disrupted embryonic development, and it is now clear that alterations in the fetal environment can have a life-long impact on the risk of childhood--and even adult--diseases.

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To best understand and treat birth defects and diseases, it is critical to define how genes normally function and what goes wrong when gene function is disrupted as well as the impact that nutrition and inflammation, for example, play in fetal development. Knowledge gained from the study of disease processes in simpler experimental systems can lead to more rapid and experimentally verifiable insights, which can then be moved forward to translational studies. Innovation arises from these discovery-based experiments and this can lead to patentable findings. These mechanistic insights are key in developing therapies that are targeted to the disease without off-target effects, thus informing in a scientifically rigorous way the best approaches for personalized medicine.

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