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But this is not just a study in human depravity; it is an attempt to place crime in perspective against human discovery, exploration and invention. The result is a completely new approach to the history and psychology of human violence. Libro di carta. Recensioni 0 Citazioni 0 Immagini 0 Note 0 Video 0. Amici Prima Recenti Popolari. Nessun elemento trovato. Aggiungi per primo una recensione! Devi essere loggato per aggiungere un contenuto. Without these cookies, we can't provide services to you.

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For example, they let us know which features and sections are most popular. This information helps us design a better experience for all users. To learn more about cookies, please see our cookie policy. To learn more about how we use and protect your data, please see our privacy policy. Subjects History True Crime Nonfiction. They became lovers when Loeb was thirteen and Leopold fourteen. Loeb was handsome, athletic and dominant; Leopold was round shouldered, short-sighted and shy. They committed a number of successful petty thefts and finally decided that the supreme challenge was to commit the perfect murder.

Franks was picked up when he came out of school and murdered in the back of the car by Loeb, while Leopold drove; then his body was stuffed into a culvert. These were traced to Leopold through the optician. Both were sentenced to life imprisonment. Loeb derived his pleasure from his total dominance of Leopold.

It was Loeb who made Leopold sign a contract to join him in a career of crime, in exchange for permitting sodomy.

Left to himself, Loeb would never have committed murder. But his deepest pleasure came from his dominance of Nathan Leopold, and to enjoy that dominance to the full he had to keep pushing Leopold deeper and deeper into crime. One of the clearest examples of the dominance syndrome is the Moors murder case.

The Criminal History of Tay-K

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley were arrested in October , as a result of a tip-off to the police that they were concealing a body in their house. A cloakroom ticket concealed in a prayer book led to the discovery of two suitcases in the railway left luggage office at Manchester, and to photographs and tapes that connected Brady and Hindley to the disappearance of a ten-year-old girl, Lesley Ann Downey, who had vanished on Boxing Bay A police search on the moors revealed the body of Lesley Ann, and also that of a twelve-year-old boy, John Kilbride.

The body found in their house was that of a seventeen-year-old youth, Edward Evans, who had been killed with an axe. Charged with the three murders, both were found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. It was the actor-playwright Emlyn Williams who revealed the curious psychological pattern behind the murders. Ian Brady and Myra Hindley first set eyes on each other on 16 January , when she became a typist at Millwards, a chemical firm in the Gorton district of Manchester.

Myra was a typical working-class girl, a Catholic convert who loved animals and children.

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Brady was a tough kid from the Clydeside district of Glasgow. Born in - four years before Myra - he had been in trouble with the police since he was thirteen and had spent a year in Borstal.

He read gangster novels and books about the Nazis, whom he admired. Brady ignored Myra; she was just another working-class typist. As the months passed, she became increasingly intrigued. He looked like a slightly delinquent Elvis Presley, and rode a motor bike dressed in leather gear; but underneath this he wore his well-pressed business suit.

Still feel the same. Myra was living round the corner in the home of her grandmother; Brady took her back there at midnight and, on the divan bed in the front room, deflowered her. I hope Ian and I will love each other all our lives and get married and be happy ever after He has asserted his dominance by taking her virginity on their first date; what now? The process of conversion begins. Myra is persuaded to share his admiration for the Nazis - he had a large collection of books about them - and de Sade.

Most people who buy de Sade read him for sex; Brady read him for the ideas. Society is utterly corrupt. Human life is utterly unimportant; nature gives and takes with total indifference.

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We live in a meaningless universe, created by chance. Morality is a delusion invented by the rulers to keep the poor in check. Pleasure is the only real good.

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A man who inflicts his sexual desires by force is only seizing the natural privilege of the. And Myra, who regards him as a brilliant intellectual he is learning German to be able to read Mein Kampf in the original , swallows it all - without enthusiasm, but with the patience of the devoted slave who knows that her master is seldom wrong. How can he push her further, savour his dominance? He tells her he is planning a bank robbery, a big job. She is shocked - at first - then, as usual, she accepts it as further evidence of his resourcefulness and self-reliance.

A criminal history of mankind

He persuades her to join a rifle club and buy a gun. He begins to take a popular photography magazine and buys a camera with a timing attachment. He persuades her to dress in black panties without a crotch and pose for photographs. Then the timing attachment allows him to take photographs of the two of them together, navel to navel, engaged in sexual intercourse - with white bags over their heads.


In others, she has whip marks on her buttocks. Brady apparently hoped to sell the photographs for these were the days before pornography could be bought in most newsagents but was apparently unsuccessful. At this stage, there is only one possible way in which Brady can push her further into total acquiescence: by finally putting the daydreams of crime into practice and ordering her to be his partner.

But bank robbery is a little too dangerous. In fact, most crime carries the risk of being caught. Perhaps the crime that carries least risk is the kind committed by Leopold and Loeb: luring a child into a car Myra Hindley bought a small car - a second-hand green Morris - in May , having taken driving lessons. Brady had given up his motor cycle after an accident. Two months later, on 12 July , a sixteen-year-old girl named Pauline Reade, who lived around the corner from Myra and knew her by sight, vanished on her way to a dance and was never seen again. When police began investigating the moors murders, they started with the file on Pauline Reade.

It seemed probable that she had been picked up by a car. Since she was unlikely to get into a car with a strange man, it may have contained someone she knew. The disappearance of the body suggests that she was buried - and casual rapists seldom bother to bury a body. It is conceivable then, that Pauline Reade was their first victim.

On Saturday afternoon, 23 November, they drove out to Ashton-under-Lyne and offered a lift to a twelve-year-old boy, John Kilbride, who was about to catch a bus home. He climbed in and was never again seen alive. Nearly two years later, his corpse was dug up by police on Saddleworth Moor.

His trousers and underpants had been pulled down around his knees. Myra Hindley had allowed Brady to take a photograph of her kneeling on the grave. Bennett vanished, like Pauline Reade. Brady still visited the Longsight district regularly to see his mother. On 26 December , Brady and Hindley drove to the fairground in the Ancoats district of Manchester and picked up a ten-year-old girl, Lesley Ann Downey. They took her back to their house - they had now moved to Hattersley, where Gran had been assigned a council house - made her strip, and took various photographs of her.

They also recorded her screams and pleas to be released on tape. Then she was killed and buried on the moor near the body of John Kilbride. Later, they took blankets and slept on the graves.